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‘Dungeon Legend’ Sneak Peek – An Upcoming iPad Dungeon Crawler

If there’s one thing the App Store is sorely lacking, it’s competent dungeon crawlers. Sure, there are tons of great roguelikes, but nothing has come close to scratching the itch that Diablo originally created for me. Pixel Mine’s Underworlds [99¢ / Free / HD] is a favorite of mine that has been updated with new content a few times, and Gameloft’s Dungeon Hunter [$4.99 / Free / HD] is a lot of fun, but otherwise my thirst to slay legions of monsters and collect mountains of loot has gone unquenched on the iPhone.

This is where it sounds like iPhone developer 3D ATTACK is comes in, as they’re hard at work on Dungeon Legend, a classic dungeon crawler that takes place in a full 3D environment with a customizable camera system that you can rotate and zoom around your character. The developers are reluctant to reveal anything about the story just yet, but have assured me that the game will be about much more than “just go and kill whatever monster comes your way."

3D ATTACK has released the following teaser video, which doesn’t show a whole lot, but it’s not hard to imagine how good the rest of the game could look if this is what the environment is going to look like:

The 3D ATTACK team are all in their mid 30’s and list off Diablo, Baldur’s Gate, and Dungeons & Dragons as their influences, and they’re looking to get the “pen and paper feel," as they put it, in to the game. Dungeon Legend is going to have an original soundtrack, and multiple character classes and quests to complete.

The game isn’t scheduled for release until later this year or early next year, but given the severe lack of dungeon crawlers on the App Store, it’s not hard to get excited for another one even with only vague details and a release that is months away.