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Upcoming ‘Star Wars: Battle for Hoth’ Gameplay Video Re-Released with Commentary by Designer Tomas Rawlings

If you’ve been following TouchArcade, chances are you’ve already seen this video, but like anything related to the Star Wars movies, it almost seems to be tradition to release things, then re-release them (and often times re-re-release them). This time, the video is narrated by Fluffy Logic designer Tomas Rawlings. Rawlings explains some of the strategies used in the game, such as building trenches and placing infantry in those trenches which offer them a defensive bonus.

Trenches also allow you to funnel enemy units, and the incoming attackers will also fire on your defenses instead of just walking by like most creeps in tower defense games. Star Wars: Battle for Hoth is scheduled for release on the 15th for $2.99, and you can expect a full review as soon as we get the game in our hot little hands.