Monday Freebies: ‘Saving Private Sheep’, ‘Dirt Moto Racing’, ‘Super KO Boxing 2’, ‘Dawn of the Dead’, ‘Action Buggy’, ‘Car Mania’, ‘Mr.Space!!’, and ‘Superblox: Powers Unleashed’

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Alright, this is a ridiculous amount of good freebies out there for a Monday afternoon, and really, nothing should stop you from downloading all of these games as soon as possible. Of course, the standard App Store disclaimer applies here in that freebie promotions are often for a very limited time, everything is free as of the time of this posting, but if you delay they may return to their normal prices before you get a chance to snag ’em.

Saving Private Sheep – A fun physics puzzler by Bulkypix with over 80 included levels, and even more available via 99¢ level packs. Set in a silly game world where wolves are at war with sheep, Saving Private Sheep has a great difficulty ramp and a funny atmosphere which significantly adds to the game. (App Store)

Dirt Moto Racing – Resolution Interactive has released several racing games (which are all worth a look if you like this one) that all have great controls and graphics. Dirt Moto Racing has a career mode, vehicle upgrades, and everything else you’d expect from a full racing game. (App Store)

Super KO Boxing 2 – Now this is a game I can’t believe is free. Super KO Boxing 2 looks and feels a lot like Super Punch Out for the Super Nintendo, with 15 opponents that cover a wide range of stereotypes, tons of achievements, multiple game modes, and tons of other fun stuff. Don’t miss this one while it’s free. (App Store)

Dawn of the Dead – I wasn’t that impressed by this game when it was originally released, but you can now give it a spin for free. Three characters are included, along with a bunch of weaponry, five different levels, and both a story and survival mode to play through. The iTunes description mentions iOS 4 issues, so you might need to wait for an update if you’ve already upgraded. (App Store)

Action Buggy – All Donut Games seem to be universally loved around here, and Action Buggy is no different. In the game, you pilot a, well, action buggy, on the rocky surfaces of a distant moon. Like all Donut Games, the gameplay mechanics are simple enough that anyone can play it, but gets difficult surprisingly quickly. (App Store)

Car Mania – Route traffic through a variety of different maps while juggling drivers’ road rage, construction sites, and other obstacles. Multiple game modes keep things fresh, and there’s even a Road Rage mode where the goal is to crash the cars instead of routing them safely to their destinations. (App Store)

Mr.Space!! – A fast paced game with simple graphics, fun sound effects, and stick figures. Mr. Space has found his way in what appears to be some kind of trash compactor, and you have to move him from side to side to fit in a hole to not get squished. If you like this game, give its sister game, Mr.AahH!! a try. (App Store)

Superblox: Powers Unleashed – As the iTunes description mentions, this is NOT your Grandma’s puzzle game. What might initially sound like a simple matching game actually turns out to be tons of fun, filled with crazy powerups, enemies, tons of game modes, and outstanding controls. (App Store)

  • Saving Private Sheep

    The War of the Sheep

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