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E3 2010: Hands-On with Chillingo’s ‘Predators’

Chillingo is in full force at E3, showing a array of titles, some coming soon and some already released. Predators is based on the movie with the same name coming out on July 9th, and as a fully licensed game, features an amazing amount of fan service. You will be able to rampage around as a predator, using staples like net guns, stealth cloaking, and thermal vision. Predators includes both short and long range weapons, as well as the ability to save the heads of your prey just like any self-respecting Predator would.

Developed by Angry Mob, the iPhone studio responsible for Guerilla Bob, Predators has a really similar feel to it both in how the game plays and how little things like the way the in-game camera follows your Predator. Enemies include stereotypical bad guys such as both Yakuza gang members and Russian soldiers among the others you will come across in the game’s 24 levels.

Predators is scheduled for release on July 1st for $2.99. But, like most games that shoot for a specific date, they’re at the mercy of the Apple approval overlords. Predators is a surprisingly cool game that fans of both the Predator universe and top-down shooters should enjoy.