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Upcoming ‘Star Wars: The Battle for Hoth’ Tower Defense Game Sounds Great

Our pals over at 148Apps scored some details on the upcoming Star Wars: The Battle for Hoth tower defense game this morning. As someone who not only loves The Empire Strikes Back, and tower defense games, I’m having a hard time not getting totally excited for The Battle for Hoth.

Star Wars: The Battle for Hoth obviously takes place on the snow covered planet of Hoth during the massive assault on the Rebel Base at the beginning of Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back. If you’ve seen the movie (and if you haven’t you should really stop reading this and fix that) you probably can guess the objective of the game: Defending the shield generators from the Imperial forces.

15 levels are included, with new units joining the ranks of both sides with each new level. Rebel forces are placed on the map just like towers in any tower defense game and range from different kinds of soldiers to several types of cannons and even Snowspeeder or X-Wing control towers which each deploy their respective aerial craft. Imperial units range from gigantic AT-AT walkers to smaller AT-ST’s, TIE Fighters, Speeder Bikes, Probe Droids, and two different types of Imperial soldiers.

Two game modes are included, a “classic" mode which works like an normal tower defender where players gain and spend “command points" to buy additional defenses. Once a level is completed in classic mode, “fortress" mode is unlocked where players start with a fixed pool of command points and must see how long they can survive.

Star Wars: The Battle for Hoth is going to be released “very soon", and since I’m basically chomping at the bit to get this game on my iPhone, I can promise we will post more information as soon as we receive it. Games based on movies have been very hit or miss on the App Store, with last year’s Star Wars: Trench Run being one of the bigger misses. I’ve got my fingers crossed that The Battle for Hoth will be just as awesome as I imagine it being.