‘PapiJump’ and ‘James Cameron’s Avatar’ Arrive on iPad

One of the early classic iPhone games PapiJump is now available for the iPad. We first discovered PapiJump back in August, 2008 and found it to be a surprisingly fun experience. The game later inspired Lima Sky’s Doodle Jump which has also been a massive success.

While Lima Sky is still putting the final touches on their iPad version of Doodle Jump, you can play PapiJump on the iPad for free.

I can’t say PapiJump for iPad is anything more than a novelty, but it plays differently than you might expect. The iPad version will play in both landscape and portrait, though I found the landscape (steering wheel hold) more natural. In contrast, the iPhone version has always been a one-handed portrait affair. Sunflat has also added swipe and touch controls to the iPad verison.

App Store Link: PapiJump for iPad, Free

Meanwhile, James Cameron’s Avatar from Gameloft is now available in an iPad version.

The iPad-optimized version does not appear to have any new content, but does have improved graphics and reconfigured controls for your iPad-enjoyment.

App Store Link: James Cameron’s Avatar for iPad, $9.99