‘Warpgate’ 1.1 Update Released and 1.2 Details

Freeverse’s recently released space conquest game, Warpgate [iPad / iPhone] saw its first update yesterday on the iPad and iPhone. Aside from a pile of bug fixes and performance improvements, the main change in Warpgate 1.1 is how combat works.

Previously, combat in Warpgate consisted of you watching your ship fly in circles with enemy ships and fire your various weapons whenever they were ready. In this update, tilting your device actually controls the movement of your ship in battle, and skilled pilots will be able to either dodge enemy missiles entirely, or at least delay their impact.

Also, you are able to divert your power to your ship’s shields to lessen the damage taken by a barrage of enemy attacks. The down side is by diverting power to your shields, all your weapons lose their charge as if you had just fired them all, and you won’t be able to attack until they recharge. Since one of our complaints about the game was the simple combat system, it’s pretty great to have some more interactivity in this part of the game.

Warpgate 1.2 which is nearing submission to Apple is addressing even more of our complaints with a Plus+ powered save game system that will allow players to synchronize their game data between different devices, as well as keeping a backup online. This was actually one of my biggest concerns in our review, and I’m ecstatic to see it addressed. Also coming in 1.2 is the ability to turn off the tilt battle controls seen in 1.1.

If this is the first you’ve heard of Warpgate, give our review a look. The game is a lot of fun, and without any real end to the game, I’m still happily playing it today while building a massive space empire.

App Store Links: Warpgate HD, $7.99 (iPad) – Warpgate, $4.99 (iPhone)