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‘Revenge of the Summon Monsters’: A Fresh Take on Tower Defense

Varshia has just released Revenge of the Summon Monsters (R.O.S.M.) [App Store], a title that they call “a totally new style of action defense game." I call it a fresh, new take on tower defense.

Like path-based tower defense titles, you’re placed in a setting with enemies approaching from various set routes. The goal is to keep the enemies from reaching your castle, upon which you, a magician, are perched. But rather than festooning the battlefield with various machines of war, your task is to destroy the enemies with your magical abilities, casting spells from on high, and building up those abilities by purchasing power-ups with the Honor Points gained by killing the baddies. It’s basically a situation where you are standing on “the tower," and you are the one and only machine of war. It’s definitely a nice twist on the formula.

Your attacks are waged by swiping towards the desired enemy target. A quick swipe sends a quick volley, a slow swipe delivers an attack that travels slowly. Every blast of magical ferocity you issue saps your Mana to some degree, and you have but a set amount of it and a certain rate of replenishment. Higher Mana capacity and quicker Mana regeneration are upgrades that can be purchased with Honor Points. Other upgrades include levelling weapons based on fire, ice, or electricity, and the summoning of magical beasts to do your battlefield bidding. At the highest levels, the magical weapons get rather interesting.

I have enjoyed the time I’ve spent with the title, but would advise all but the most dainty gamer to start out on the middle difficulty level (Expert), as I found the Apprentice level to take a bit too long to get into any real action. But, when the action heats up, this is a really enjoyable twist on one of my favorite formulas. Our forum readers are liking it, as well. Anyone who enjoys a solid tower defense game should take a close look at Revenge of the Summon Monsters.

App Store Link: Revenge of the Summon Monsters (R.O.S.M.), $1.99