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PAX East: ‘Galactic Keep: Dice Battles’ – New Teaser Trailer & Screenshots

On the first day of PAX East I met with Rob Lemon and the rest of the Gilded Skull game to get a closer look at a fairly functional build of Galactic Keep: Dice Battles. Inspired by table top RPG’s, Galactic Keep is set in a sci-fi fantasy universe and as the title would hint, weighs heavily on dice battles amongst the various enemies you come across on your adventure.

The game is still in development, but you can get an idea of what’s to come by this brief teaser trailer and series of screenshots:

The developers have been very active in the thread on our forums where they’ve been answering questions and holding various contests to include forum members in the game’s development. Galactic Keep: Dice Battles is still a ways off, but as a fan of dice powered RPG’s, I cannot wait to finally have this game on my phone.