‘Puzzle Quest Chapter 3’ Finally Available as In-App Purchase

The long wait is now over; you can finally play through the whole Puzzle Quest story on your iPhone. Today, TransGaming’s Puzzle Quest was updated to version 1.5 enabling in-app purchases and a few other graphic, sound, and bug fixes.

If you already have Chapters 1 & 2, all you have to do is update your game and visit the in-game store to buy Chapter 3 for only $1.99. If you not sure about buying one of the best RPG puzzlers, download the free version, then purchase chapters 1, 2 and 3 for only $4.99.

TransGaming says that the trilogy includes content from the Revenge of the Plague Lord expansion pack and the original game. Making this a great deal for $4.99 or $6.98 depending on what route you take.

Discussion in our forums has been positive and so far no issues have been reported about the update.

App Store Link: Puzzle Quest Chapters 1 & 2, $4.99, Puzzle Quest Free, Free