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Ngmoco’s ‘GodFinger’ Released in Canada

In the midst of the GDC news blitz, we just got word from ngmoco that GodFinger is live in Canada. If you’re unfamiliar with this song and dance, it’s almost impossible to do large scale beta testing with iPhone games. Ngmoco’s solution to this problem is a limited release in Canada to test their server infrastructure with real players.

From our Macworld preview of GodFinger:

In GodFinger, you are an all powerful deity who control the people and environment of a small planet. The planet environment is a side view cross section that you can navigate by swiping on the screen and pinch zooming in and out. When the game begins, you are given a very small planet with one inhabitant. As you demonstrate your powers to the inhabitants, they become followers and earn you gold and mana for their efforts.

We’ll take a closer look at the game when it hits the US App Store, but in the meantime if you’ve got a Canadian account you can get an early edge on the competition. Otherwise, check out the thread on our forums that has oodles of different gameplay videos.

Canadian App Store Link: GodFinger, Free