‘Puzzlings’ Now Free to Promote New Game ‘Fleeced’

Bight Games has recently released their latest game Fleeced [$3.99] into the App Store and in celebration has dropped the price of Puzzlings [App Store] to free.

Puzzlings is an incredibly well done matching game that we reviewed in July.

At its core, Puzzlings is a Match-3 but offers both swapping and rotating mechanisms to achieve matches. Instead of just swapping adjacent tiles, however, you are able to reverse entire lines by simply dragging your finger across. Draw a square and that entire field will rotate. The controls for the game work very well with the iPhone’s touch screen interface and the game does exude a console level of quality. The game adds difficulty by introducing larger shapes (2×1 and 2×2) that can only be moved in specific ways.

Overall, we described it as an incredibly well executed game, though the difficulty ramped up a bit slowly. It’s still easily worth a download for free and should offer hours of fun.

Due to a change in publishers, Puzzlings is now called PuzzlingsXXX in the App Store.

Now the game that they are promoting with this effort is a new one called Fleeced [App Store] which was just released into the App Store. The game pits you in a back and forth battle trying to tear down the walls of your opponent’s llama pen.

The early responses to the game have been very positive, and we have a full review cooking.

App Store Links: PuzzlingsXXX, FreeFleeced, $3.99