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‘C64’ Update to Bring Global Leaderboards, Achievements


It’s no secret that the iPhone has a lot to offer retro gaming fans out there. One example is Manomio’s C64 for iPhone [App Store], which lets gamers have some serious 8-bit fun on the go. But, while such games offer a great deal of white-knuckle action, they lack the online competitive aspect of modern XBLA and PSN titles.

Manomio is in the process of rectifying the situation.

Many of us remember playing C64 games, vying for the high score and undoubtedly reveling with our friends when we grabbed the top score in Uridium, Paradroid or whatever happened to be hot at the time. Perhaps you were the best at your school, club or even town….but, are you the best in the world? Now’s your chance with Open Feint integration for select games.

In the forthcoming v1.4 update to C64 for iPhone, Manomio has begun integrating online leaderboards and achievements for the classic, C64 titles the emulator supports. To start, they’re delivering the following enhancements to C64 favorites by way of OpenFeint integration:

Arctic Shipwreck

  • Leaderboard for high scores


  • Leaderboard for high scores
  • Achievements
    • Lemans Bronze Medal (5 OF points): Scores 10000+
    • Lemans Silver Medal (8 OF points): Scores 25000+
    • Lemans Gold Medal (10 OF points): Scores 50000+
    • Lemans Elite Driver (20 OF points): Scores 100000+

Jupiter Lander

  • Leaderboard for high scores
  • Achievements
    • Jupiter Lander Trainee (5 OF points); Scores 10000+
    • Jupiter Lander Astronaut (10 OF points): Scores 75000+


  • Leaderboards for high scores
  • Planning to support achievements as you complete each tower (future update)


  • Leaderboards for high scores


  • Leaderboards for high scores
  • Achievements
    • Command Cyborg 999 – Pwnd!
      Achieved when you transfer / take control of the 999 unit, most powerful droid on the ship.

These enhancements really take these classic games well beyond their original incarnations. What’s more, Manomio CTO Stuart Carnie assures us that, for the iPhone 3GS and 3G iPod touch, all games will run at a “buttery smooth" 50fps.

This really is a superb turn of events for retro gamers, and we’re anxious to see what other enhancements to the these classics the studio will bring down the road.

App Store Link: C64 for iPhone, $4.99