CES 2010: Posimotion’s Helix Gaming Grip

gI_Graphic1.JPGCES 2010 hasn’t been home to many iPhone gaming announcements, though we did have a couple of meetings that will bring some new iPhone gaming news soon.

One of the devices we found while wandering the floors was Posimotion’s Helix gaming grip. Steering/gaming grips aren’t really a new concept for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Posimotion’s solution, however, is nice in its simplicity.

The Helix is a single piece of plastic that allows you to slide your iPhone or iPod Touch into the device in either landscape or portrait modes. Holes are cut out so you can still use your iPhone’s camera while the device is in place. The primary goal of the device is to improve steering while playing accelerometer controlled games. Posimotion demos the unit in action:

Of course, the question remains… do iPhone gamers really want these sort of attachments to help with tilt gaming?

The Helix will be available in Spring 2010 for $19.99.