Apple Tablet and Future of Touch Gaming

If you’ve been paying attention at all the tech media, you will have heard about the rumored Apple tablet. Apple is widely expected to announce a new tablet device at the end of January, for possible release as early as March. The upcoming 10" tablet (or iSlate) is believed to be based on the iPhone operating system and adopt the App Store model for 3rd party developers.

We discussed the implications of such a device for gaming in our recent podcast, but weren’t entirely sure what it would mean. A large screen multi-touch device might open up some interesting possibilities in the realm of gaming, but the adoption of a more expensive device will certainly be slower than the explosive growth of the iPhone and iPod Touch.

We were reminded, however, of Illusion Labs’ tech demo showing their iPhone games Sway [$4.99] and TouchGrind [$4.99] on a massive multi-touch table:

We thought it would be a good discussion piece as we await to see what Apple will unveil later this month.