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‘Mr. Space!!’ – The Return of the Mr. Series

621037The lovable and courageous Mr. stick figure from Mr. AahH!! [99¢ / Free] apparently has escaped from swinging between platforms only to find himself in an even more precarious situation. In Mr. Space!! [99¢ / Free], you’re trapped in some kind of stick figure trash compactor which endlessly slams down on your little guy, who presumably wants to do nothing more than get home to Mrs. Space.

The gameplay is simple, and amounts to nothing more than moving to one of the openings between the top and bottom of the screen before they slam shut. This starts off slow and easy, but doesn’t take long for the levels to be to be filled with fast-moving extremely jagged smashers that take a surprising amount of brain power along with fast reaction times to successfully navigate.

You control Mr. Space!! using either buttons which act as a virtual D-Pad of sorts to move right or left in tap mode, or in flick mode you can move your finger along the bottom of the screen and tap where you want him to move. I’ve found myself preferring flick mode as it seems slightly more precise, but both control options work well.

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Once you get squished three times and run out of hearts you can submit your score to an online leaderboard and it will tell you your worldwide ranking, which really seems to motivate me to play even more as if I can break in to the low 200’s, surely I can make it in to the 100’s, right?

I still find myself preferring Mr. AahH!!, but both games are worth owning if you like games with competitive leaderboards that you can play for a few minutes at a time. Mr. Space!! continues the Mr. tradition of highly energetic music, encouraging sound effects, and of course the constantly moving grid background.

If this is the first you’ve heard of the Mr. series of games, I highly recommend giving the lite versions of both Mr. Space!! and Mr. AahH!! a try.

App Store Links: Mr. Space!!, 99¢Mr. Space!! Lite, Free