‘Super Monkey Ball 2’ From SEGA Arrives


SEGA was one of the original developers recruited by Apple to provide a demo of what kind of apps might be possible on the iPhone and iPod Touch. Super Monkey Ball seemed like a natural fit to the platform with its tilt controls and became a massive success when it launched with the App Store. SEGA is finally returning to those roots and has just released a sequel to the game with Super Monkey Ball 2. We previewed Super Monkey Ball 2 just a couple of weeks ago.

Super Monkey Ball 2 takes the original and offers new levels, local Wi-Fi multiplayer, improved 3D graphics and, notably, improved controls. One of the common complaints about the original version was the sensitivity of the original controls. When played side-by-side, Super Monkey Ball 2 is notably easier to maneuver and turn. That’s not to say you’ll be breezing through the courses immediately. It still take practice to properly play the game and I find with all ball-rolling games it’s easy to get a little frustrated.

Check out our gameplay video with the improved controls and new levels:

One thing you can’t fault SEGA for is the amount of content provided in the game. Like the original, there are a ton of levels (115) included with the game. Also included this time around will be mini games that have been so popular on the console versions. The first mini game that has been included is Monkey Bowling, with Monkey Golf and Monkey Target to be released in a later free update.

If you’re a fan of the original title, you’ll certainly want to pick up this new and improved sequel. Early impressions are also being collected in our forums.

App Store Link: Super Monkey Ball 2, $9.99