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Video of Ravensword’s New Game Controls

Ravensword_Town_BlacksmithCrescent Moon Games’ upcoming Ravensword game has received a lot of attention from our readers since its original announcement. It is certainly one of the most ambitious iPhone games we’ve seen coming out of such a small studio. Ravensword is an open-envirornment 3D RPG that sports some impressive graphics.

The one potential hurdle that we (and our readers) saw in early builds of the game, however, was the adoption of a seemingly awkward control system. We discussed in our recent podcast that it seems clear the major developers had already settled on a somewhat standardized “swipe to look" control mechanism for these 3D games.

Fortunately, Crescent Moon has modified their game to adopt a similar control scheme that they detail in this new gameplay video:

The developer also demonstrates other features including auto targeting and the various scaling options provided to boost performance on previous generation devices. Ravensword is in the final stages of development and should be submitted in a matter of days to weeks.