‘2XL ATV Offroad’ Now Available

2xl2XL Games’ much anticipated ATV game was released into the App Store tonight for $7.99.

The game represents 2XL’s followup title to the technically impressive 2XL Supercross and seems to share the same graphics engine. Beyond moving to ATV’s, however, 2XL has added a lot of content to this new title, including freestyle levels, career mode, local multiplayer, online leaderboards and more.

The game offers tilt controls with a large number of customizable settings, though the default controls seemed to work reasonably well on our first few spins around the track.


The game shares the same impressive graphics seen in the original 2XL Supercross and are well demonstrated in this hands-on video provided by the developers.

Superficially, the biggest addition to the game is a full career mode that was conspicuously absent from their freshman iPhone release. 2XL ATV Offroad offers 16 ATV Supercross and Outdoor Nationals tracks and 2 Freestyle levels, and 3 levels of difficulty.


We’ll be able to spend some more time with the title now that it’s been released. Early adopters can share their impressions in our forums.

App Store Link: 2XL ATV Offroad, $7.99