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TGS 2009: Square Enix’s ‘Song Summoner’ and ‘Hills and Rivers Remain’ Coming Soon

At the Tokyo Game Show, Square Enix also announced a couple of new games for the iPhone and iPod Touch: Song Summoner and Hills and Rivers Remain.

542632522cede0d5268a42a4b3f9ebf2-1The first game they showed off was turn based strategy game Song Summoner: The Unsung Heroes for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The game was originally released as a click-wheel iPod game back in 2008. From the 2008 click-wheel iPod version was well reviewed:

At first glance Song Summoners bears a strong resemblance to Squeenix’s other SRPG series, Final Fantasy Tactics. And in some ways, they are similar. Both features tiny sprites fighting from a fixed, isometric perspective, as well as a variety of different unit types. But Summoners is also a much more simplified experience.

The game’s hook was the unique unit creation method in which you choose songs from your iPod’s library and the class and skill sets depended on the song selected. These units can then be leveled up in battle.


The iPhone version of the game is labeled as an “encore" and appears to be a distinct from the click-wheel version. This gameplay video of the preview version shown was recorded by AppBank:

How units are created by choosing songs are also shown in this video.

kuniyabu01The next game that Square Enix showed at the Tokyo Game Show was a real time strategy game called Hills and Rivers Remain. The game has existed for mobile platforms in Japan and was described (mobile version) as follows:

Hills and Rivers Remain isn’t a full blown strategy RPG. It’s more like a mix of tower defense and the world map from Dragon Force where units automatically invade towns. Even though it’s just a cell phone game, Square Enix included a story mode where you lead Alan and his army to victory. Beyond story mode there is a free play mode and a downloadable maps.

A video of the game can be seen here, courtesy of AppBank:

No release dates for either title are known.