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‘Backbreaker Football: Tackle Alley’ Trailer Released

NaturalMotion announced their upcoming football game, Backbreaker Football: Tackle Alley a few days ago. They provided us a few screenshots that many were skeptical were even actually taken on an iPhone, insisting that they must have been prerendered. We received visual confirmation this morning that all of these screenshots are in fact real with the following trailer:

Backbreaker Football runs on top of the “morpheme" engine which boasts the ability to “produce animation of a quality not seen before on the iPhone and iPod Touch providing the on-screen characters with a fluidity of motion rivaling that experienced on home consoles." Likening the animations to home consoles might be a lofty comparison, but the way players are moving in the trailer certainly does look much more natural than most of the other sports games on the App Store.

Backbreaker Football is not a full football game, and instead is just a game of running down field and avoiding waves of defenders by sprinting, dodging, and spinning to rack up combos and score multipliers. Backbreaker Football is due to be released soon, and we will post more information as we receive it.