99¢ Sales: Castle of Magic, Rise of the Lost Empires, Smiles, Silent Scope, and Power Pros Touch

As if you needed one more difficult decision to make today, you can now either get a Subway $5 foot long sandwich, or five games that all have recently been dropped to 99¢. As strong as the allure of the meatball sandwich is, given the original price of some of these games, now is the time to buy if you’ve had your mouse hovering over the buy now button in iTunes in the past.

Castle of Magic, 99¢ – A really neat platformer by Gameloft, Castle of Magic has a level of detail seldom seen in iPhone games. Fun level designs, cool boss encounters, and a magical game world make for a highly enjoyable game. There is a down side to the amount of visual flair in the game, as Castle of Magic does have significant load times on older devices, so you might want to check out Castle of Magic Free [App Store] first.

Rise of the Lost Empires, 99¢ – Gameloft’s real-time strategy game that takes place in a fantasy setting with two included campaigns, one for both orcs and humans. Colorful graphics and loads of voice overs make for a pretty fun game, but if you’re the kind of person who sits down and plays through entire games in one sitting, Rise of the Lost Empires can be beaten in a matter of hours. If you’re more of a casual player who plays games in small burts, the game should keep you busy for quite a while. Rise of the Lost Empires Free [App Store] is also available if you want to get an idea of how the game plays before purchasing.

Smiles, 99¢ – If you have room on your iPhone for another match three game, Smiles has more variety in it than most other similar games. Featuring 14 different game modes and 3 themes, Smiles has been well received by the iPhone gaming community and was even a finalist for the best mobile game at the Independent Games Festival Mobile Awards. If you want to see what all the fuss is about, Free Smiles [App Store] will let you get your feet wet.

Silent Scope, 99¢ – Originally a awesome arcade game, Silent Scope for the iPhone has the same wacky premise of you playing as the world’s top sniper trying to rescue the President and the first family from terrorists. The controls make some of the boss encounters and tracking moving enemies fairly difficult, so the $5.99 original price point was hard to swallow because of that. At 99¢, Silent Scope is worth a try if you’ve found yourself enjoying the other sniper games on the App Store.

Video by YouTube user kman316

Power Touch Pros, 99¢ – An immensely popular series in Japan, Power Touch Pros is an arcade baseball game with a ridiculous amount of customization to it. You can play exhibition games, entire seasons, change the overall difficulty, enable or disable errors, and even change whether or not there is wind in the game. Gameplay can be as simple as tapping or extremely complex depending on how far you delve in to the options available.