3GS Specific Version of ‘Blue Skies’ Now Available

RockingPocketGames has released the 3GS specific of their Blue Skies [$0.99] helicopter shooter that was originally released back in August 2008. The new version is amongst the first few games to offer 3GS specific features:

The 3GS enhanced version makes use of the pixel shaders that are ONLY found in the new iPhone 3GS. It has per pixel bump mapping and amazing dynamic animated water that demonstrates the true power of the new iPhone 3GS!

[ Full HD version | Low Bandwidth version ]

Aside from the visual enhancements, the game content remains the same. If you’ve never played the game, it’s was a solid shooter when it was originally released. For a side-by-side comparison, you can download the Lite version of the original [link].

App Store Link: Blue Skies 3GS, $0.99, Blue Skies Lite, Free, Blue Skies, $2.99.