‘Kraut’ – A Stylish Match-4 Game Now Free

Kraut is a beautifully made matching game that was released back in December. The game debuted for $1.99, but has just dropped to Free. Our earlier description of the game:

While this is yet-another-matching game, at least it has some style. The graphics and animiation are very well done. The goal is to match in 4 or more of the same flowers by placing groups of three onto a grid. Flowers can be rotated and special “power up" insects can help you along the way.

There is a timed arcade mode as well as a campaign mode with 90 challenges.

Kraut is a solid well produced game but perhaps got lost in the mass of matching games in the App Store. Well, now’s your chance to get it for free, and it’s certainly worth downloading. Click on the embedded video to the right to see it in motion, or just go download it.

App Store Link: Kraut, Free