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Gameloft Announces First Person Shooter – Modern Combat: Sandstorm

Gameloft is really taking the iPhone market seriously with a number of major new titles in the works. Just yesterday, they announced the upcoming NFL 2010 football game, and today they’ve announced a first person shooter called Modern Combat: Sandstorm.

First person shooters (or FPSs) have gotten a lot of attention for the iPhone since it’s a very popular genre that has had trouble translating over to a touch screen device. Ngmoco has received a lot of their press for their deathmatch style FPS (originally codenamed LiveFire). Gameloft appears to have created one with a bit more of a storyline as shown in this video:

The only info we have so far is the video description:

The first images of Gameloft’s highly anticipated FPS. Plunge into the heart of a modern war. Coming soon on the iPhone and iPod touch.