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‘Protoxide Racing’ – An Upcoming Futuristic Racing Game

protoxide_prototype_3HeroCraft has announced their upcoming futuristic 3D racing game called Protoxide Racing. The game began development over a year ago. Final feature list planned includes:

  • 5 different ships to choose from, ranging from the heavy tank-like to the light and fast bike-like
  • 4 worlds of 4 racing tracks each, 16 tracks in a total
  • 5 weapon types, pick-up bonuses like nitro or nuclear weapons
  • Quick race and career modes
  • Multiplayer over WiFi
  • Hall of fame, both local and online
  • 3D stereo sound, cool music
  • Motion sensor controlled steering (or swipe controlled if you’d prefer)

The video is said to be from an early prototype, so elements will change by release. There have been a few similar competitors including Low Grav Racer [Lite] and Phaze [Lite] that have both received mixed reactions in our forums.

For some reason we seem to be drawn to these futuristic-racing titles, likely in an effort to relive Wipeout. We’ll have to see if Protoxide can deliver.