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Sega Asks What Should They Bring to the iPhone Next?

sonicThis afternoon Sega invited iPhone and iPod Touch gamers to an online brainstorming session on their blog looking for new ideas of what they should bring to the App Store next:

Any idea is welcome, no matter how out there or random, we’ll take it and add it the list for the presentation. There are some restrictions, but that’s expected, right? First, it has to be a Sega game, meaning no other publisher’s titles, even if they did appear on our old systems (I know, I know, I want to see a Road Rash sequel too). Second, we can’t accept original game ideas, we’re not looking for acquisitions for new titles in this brainstorming session. And that’s pretty much it, go to town and tell us what you want to see.

They’re gathering feedback on Twitter, Facebook, their forums, and on the actual blog post itself. Discuss with other TouchArcaders in our forum or in this story’s comment thread. So, if you’d like to see a Sega game made, now is your chance!