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Give Feedback on ‘Wolf 3D Classic’ / ‘Doom Classic’ Controls

t_shot1Last month, we reported that Doom Classic was closing in on release, but haven’t heard much of an update since.

It seems id Software’s John Carmack is still tweaking the control systems and posed a question on our forums last night asking about the demand for “tilt-to-turn" controls from Wolf 3D:

Does anyone actually play a lot with the tilt-to-turn option? I am considering removing it from Doom Classic. I don’t want to present a lot of cluttered options to new users, but I don’t want to annoy Wolf Classic players that have gotten used to a play style.

I don’t mind having some semi-obscure options, but if just isn’t a good way to control it for anyone, it would be best to prevent anyone else from wasting their time with it.

So if you are in love with Wolf 3D’s [$2.99] tilt-to-turn option or have other strong opinions about it, now’s your chance to influence the iPhone’s Doom Classic release.