‘Mecho Wars’ 1.0.1 and 99¢ Sale

img_0009-4Oylaji Games’ Mecho Wars [App Store] 1.0.1 went live today, bringing a short list of much needed changes to the game. One of the complaints in my review was the lack of detailed information, both about your own units as well as enemy units. 1.0.1 features a major UI update, giving players detailed statistics on their own forces, as well as seeing the movement and attack ranges of the enemy units.

Also included is an entire second campaign where you can play as the Landians, greatly expanding the somewhat limited single player campaign in the initial offering of Mecho Wars. Several new Challenge mode maps were also added.


For the current sale price of 99¢ with the new additions found in the 1.0.1 update, Mecho Wars recommended for all turn-based strategy fans.

App Store Link: Mecho Wars, 99¢