Lites to Try: ‘Globall’, ‘Leaf Bound’, and ‘Radial 50’

531130_2Continuing the trend this week with an avalanche of free versions of games, here are three games with lites that are worth giving a try if you’re looking for something new. Each game seems to have its fans.

  • GloBall Lite (GloBall, 99¢) – Take a basic accelerometer ball rolling game, add in all kinds of crazy power ups and particle effects, then pile a surprisingly well done location-aware global scoreboard on top and you’ve got GloBall.

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  • Leaf Bound Lite (Leaf Bound, 99¢) – A hand drawn jumping game with similar gameplay mechanics to the Orisinal classic Winterbells, you jump from leaf to leaf collecting food and stomping on mechanical monkeys before reaching the end boss of each level. This Leaf Bound video shows the different levels and bosses.

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  • Radial 50 Lite (Radial 50, $1.99) – A new “spin" on brick breaking games, Radial 50 features a circular array of blocks to bust with a paddle that rotates along the outside by sliding your thumb up and down the right side of the screen as shown in the gameplay demo video.

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