‘Eliss’ – Multitouch Goodness Now Only $0.99

Eliss ingame screenWe called Eliss a must try game for the iPhone and a new price drop on the title makes it even more affordable to pickup. Eliss has dropped to $0.99, likely to compete against the increasing number of low priced iPhone games.

The game is a unique multi-touch iPhone game that we highly recommend. The game is separated into levels in which planets appear. Like colored planets can be combined to make a larger planet (pinch) or pulled apart to create smaller planets (spread). The goal of the game is to eliminate the planets by dragging them into the “squeezars" (think black…err…multicolored holes) of matching size and color that blink in and out of the universe. After a set number of planets have been eliminated it’s on to the next level. And the most important thing to remember? Don’t let planets of different colors touch!

Gameplay video shows it best:

[ Full HD version | Low Bandwidth version ]

App Store Link: Eliss Lite, Free, Eliss, $0.99