Quick Look at ‘Trains’ and ‘Professional Police Training’


From iPhone accessory maker Zagg, this is a casual chaos-management game with a similar feel to Firemint’s Flight Control. There have been a number of similar themed games using cars, boats and, of course, trains:

This one offers a bit different gameplay as your sole method of control is tapping on the intersections to change the track directions. Unlike Flight Control, there’s no way to redirect a train at the last second, so you need to plan ahead the tracks to avoid collisions. Your goal is to deliver colored cargo to their proper stations. Trains unload automatically as they pass their respective stations and must be led off the screen as well.

While I think I still prefer Flight Control, this one had me coming back more often than the many other similarly themed games.

App Store Link: Trains, $1.99

Professional Police Training

This tap-to-target game clearly takes inspiration from the Police Trainer arcade game, but that’s not a bad thing. I’ve wasted a lot of time and money on that arcade game, and found this to be a familiar experience.

The game is simple to play but hard to perfect. It offers you 5 different types of skills to test: Accuracy, Reaction, Color & Shape, Judgement and Speed. Check out the video to see how it plays. I tend to find it hard to recommend any tap shooters, but this one carries some familiarity that some may enjoy.

App Store Link: Professional Police Training, $0.99