iPhone 3G S Benchmarks: Up to 4x Faster than 3G

We recently pointed readers to a performance comparison between the iPhone 3G S and the iPhone 3G carried out by Daniel Pasco of Black Pixel.  The test application was a pre-release build of Plasma, an application Pasco’s group is developing for Tap Tap Tap.  The comparison showed a “starkly apparent" performance advantage to the new iPhone as compared to the 3G unit.

Tap Tap Tap has followed Pasco’s post up with a video of Plasma in action, running side by side on the iPhone 3G S and 3G.  The demonstration speaks rather strongly of the potential of Apple’s new device.

As Tap Tap Tap concludes,

As the video shows, in our OpenGL ES testing, the 3GS is generally close to four times faster than the 3G. Results will vary depending on the application but this is remarkable to say the least.

Another impressive testament to the power of the iPhone 3G S comes from Ziconic, developer of the roller coaster simulator AirCoaster 3D [App Store].  See their 3G S vs. 3G comparison video.

Rather telling, indeed.

We realize, of course, that this is a game news and review site and that our repeated articles evaluating the performance of the iPhone 3G S may weight heavy on some readers, but we feel that the iPhone 3G S represents so notable a jump in hardware performance that its potential to game developers and gamers alike should not be understated.

And, while these performance benchmarks show the new device in a rather impressive light, it’s not until developers begin to directly utilize the Open GL ES 2.0-compatible programmable pipeline of the iPhone 3G S that we will really begin to see the limts of the new hardware.  And developers should be soundly motivated to make the new hardware dance — Apple has just announced that over 1 million iPhone 3G S units were sold during its opening weekend.