WWDC: 6 Player Wi-Fi Multiplayer Coming to ‘Real Racing’

picture-1Events like WWDC are great… not only to put faces to names but when else would we realistically be able to talk face to face with many of the iPhone developers from around the world. Australian-based Rob Murray of Firemint was present last night to show off their new Real Racing game to the crowd and during the demo he announced that a pending update will be adding 6-way Wi-Fi Multiplayer.

For those not familiar with the Real Racing, we thought the game offered an unrivaled racing experience on the iPhone. The game has been earning some much deserved recognition and is quickly making it’s way to the top of the App Store charts.

We caught up with Rob later in the evening to see what his plans were now that Real Racing had finally been released. Rob indicated that they still have a lot of work planned for Real Racing itself and that the 6-player local Wi-Fi multiplayer update would be submitted soon. For the Real Racing plans beyond that, we’ll just have to stay tuned. Rob also reports that they are still working on other iPhone games and have been heavily prototyping various concepts. He seemed aware that the expectations for his company are quite high after the massive popularity and success of Flight Control and the wonderful early reception of Real Racing. We’ll be sure to report on their future plans when they are ready to announce them.

App Store Link: Real Racing, $9.99, Flight Control, $0.99