‘X2 Football 2009’, ‘Real Tennis 2009’, ‘Rise of Lost Empires’ and ‘DJ Mix Tour’ Now Available

The app store comes in cycles, and this weekend we have seen a bunch of new games released. TouchArcade is still winding down from E3 coverage and in transit to WWDC, so we haven’t had time to take a deep look into these games, but here they are with some early impressions from our forums.

Prices link to the App Store:

  • 243777X2 Football 2009 ($6.99 / Lite) – Finally, another high production quality American Soccer game. Be sure to try out the Lite version. Albie took a look at the game and enjoyed it more than Real Soccer 2009:

    I enjoy the gameplay in X2 Football more than in Real Soccer because the controls are so much more intuitive and responsive. A directional marker appears for whichever player you’re controlling, and the instant replays allow you to watch from different angles and speeds. At anytime, you can access the options or pause by tapping the mini map in the upper right corner. For me, the game seems to flow better in X2 Football, but I will say that Real Soccer has more depth in terms of teams, the use of real player names, and the ability to choose different stadiums. But at the same time with Real Soccer, some of the players tend to run around like headless chickens, while in X2 Football, they seem to behave more as a real team.

    X2 Football 2009 Discussion

  • 149607Real Tennis 2009 ($5.99) – Just previewed at E3, this sports game has already shipped. Some have had some problems with the controls at first, but seem to be getting the hang of it:

    Played for about 30 minutes over the course of an hour or so. At first I couldn’t win a point at all. I thought hmm, maybe they’re right about the controls. Started with the D-pad, switched to joystick and then back to D-pad – About 20 minutes in it all clicked. I started winning point with regularity and now can at least hold my own. Just narrowly lost my fourth match, 4-6, 6-6(7-6).

    Part of the major problem is that the game does a really poor job of telling how to use the controls. There’s no ‘tutorial’ or practice level to get you familiar with how to use things. Once you do though, you can at least be fairly competitive.

    Real Tennis 2009 Discussion

  • 328363Rise of Lost Empires ($5.99) – The first of a number of real time strategy games coming to the iPhone. An early look by Alibe:

    Overall, Rise of Lost Empires is a mobile port that well, plays like a mobile port. The graphics and voiceovers are appealing, and the game should provide plenty of gameplay for casual gamers. However, for hardcore gamer who finish games in hours vs. days or weeks, Rise of Lost Empires will be short. Personally, the game plays well, but don’t expect an epic RPG.

    Rise of Lost Empires Discussion

  • 796239_3DJ Mix Tour ($5.99) – Another rhythm game but with licensed songs including:

    – Poker Face
    – Just Dance
    – Womanizer
    – Get The Party Started
    – Open Your Heart
    – Ibiza
    – Four to The Floor
    – Cry For You
    – Show Me Love
    – De Janeiro
    – Infinity 2008
    – Alive
    – Sandstorm
    – The Bomb
    – Ecuador
    – Sing Hallelujah.

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