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E3: Two New Rhythm Games with Licensed Music: ‘Guitar Rock Tour 2’ and ‘DJ Mix Tour’

At E3, Gameloft was also demoing two new rhythm games that are coming to the iPhone by the end of June: DJ Mix Tour and Guitar Rock Tour 2. Both games bring the traditional formula of tapping to music that has been seen on the iPhone already. The biggest advantage to these games are the officially licensed songs that will be familiar to most.

DJ Mix Tour is aimed towards electronic/dance music fans and includes songs such as Poker Face, Just Dance, Womanizer, Get The Party Started, Open Your
Heart, Four to The Floor, Cry For You, and more. In all it contains 16 licensed hit songs.

Meanwhile, Guitar Rock Tour 2 offers 19 songs including I Love Rock & Roll, Helicopter, and Paranoid.

Both games should be coming out in June.