‘Race for Home’: A Unique and Tranquil Game

race_for_home screenBack in March, Shawn Kollat released a fun little game that we missed when it hit the App Store.  Race for Home [App Store] is the tranquil and surreal affair of guiding young Grace and her magic umbrella on her journey home.

The physics-based game takes place through a variety of sky environments and involves tapping various floating items to lasso them and swing ever towards the three floating presents per level that must be collected to advance, guided by an onscreen arrow.  There are seven levels in all and protective upgrades can be collected along the way to help Grace avoid a variety of hazards and enemies bent on keeping her from finding her way home.

It’s a rather simplistic game and it could be longer, but the lovely classical piano audio tracks and the peaceful act of swinging from item to item make for a rather placid and enjoyable gaming experience.  While hardcore arcade fans might find it a bit light, the casual gamer may well enjoy this unique iPhone title.  But don’t take my word for it — try the lite, three-level version of Race for Home [App Store] before making the paid app jump.

See our gameplay video for a look at the game in motion.

[ Full HD version | Low Bandwidth version ]

Shawn has developed a number of other Flash games and apps that can be seen at his Revision8 website.

App Store Links: Race for Home, $0.99, Race for Home Lite, Free

[ Thanks Chris Bernick ]