Games Worth a Try: iDroids, World of Tunes, SuperNova Blast

Here’s a collection of recently released games that are well worth a try: a platformer, a rhythm game and a puzzle game.

Each developer has kindly provided a free Lite version for their games so you can give them a try yourself. That said, the games only cost $0.99-$1.99 and all seem to provide plenty of content. The prices listed besides the game titles link directly to the App Store.

  • 767644_5jpgiDroids ($1.99, Free) – A nice looking side scrolling platformer that we’ve had our eye on for a while. You control a droid who is trying to rescue his wife while fighting and swinging your way through iDroidOpia.

    The game itself uses on screen buttons to control movement, jumping and weapons. While everything seems to work right, the game isn’t really as immersive or engaging as I had hoped it would be. Fortunately, there is a lite version that takes you through a tutorial level and a regular level which provides plenty of gameplay to make a decision. The full game is only $1.99 which represents a special launch price. A YouTube trailer is available and discussion of the game in our forums.

  • tuneyWorld of Tunes ($1.99, Free) – The latest offering from Korean developer Com2uS, World of Tunes is a charmingly designed rhythm action game.

    The game offers 4 modes of play which revolve around tapping on the little “Tuney" creatures at the right moments in time with the music. The music seems to be all original songs and the Story mode is set to a loose story complete with Boss attacks. The gameplay video shows how the game is played as well as boss battles.

    Overall the game is being very well received in our forums and a recent price drop from $4.99 to $1.99 should make it much more tempting. The free lite version contains two of the four modes of play.

  • 782169_2jpgSuperNova Blast ($0.99, Free) – This game seems a bit simple with so-so graphics and an ugly icon… but is still worth your time. This is a chain-reaction game — and there are a number in the App Store — but something about this one is a bit more compelling.

    The $0.99 version of the game contains 250 levels. Each level contains a grid of stars in different energy. Tapping on a star makes it go from Blue -> Green -> Red -> Yellow -> until it finally explodes and shoots blasts in each of four directions. These blasts cause nearby stars to increase their size/energy. The goal is to make all the stars explode within a limited number of taps.

    The free version of the game offers 15 levels of play which is plenty to find out if you like the game. Some of our forum members are also enjoying it.