Three Great ‘Top Gun’ Easter Eggs

easter_basketeggsrabbitsjpgThis morning a tipster emailed us about a pretty amusing Easter Egg found in Paramount’s latest title, Top Gun [App Store] to enable a secret mini game. After figuring out Top Gun came packed with at least one one Easter Egg, we went randomly looking for other ones and came up with two more which change your F-22 Raptor in to, well, things that are slightly more fun.

Due to the secretive nature of these things and to not spoil Easter Eggs for people who want to find them on their own, I’m going to include them all after the jump. Read on… if you dare!

OK! Welcome faithful readers and lovers of all things secret. All of these Easter Eggs are enabled by changing the name of your pilot. To do this, start up the game, tap “Options" then “Change Pilot Name". After that, hit OK, and then start a mission.

Kotaku posted the first Easter Egg as I was writing this (I originally planned on including these in my full review of Top Gun.) but they haven’t yet discovered the second, or third one, which might be the greatest iPhone Easter Egg in the history of iPhone Easter Eggs.

To turn your jet in to a stock car from Days of Thunder [App Store], change your pilot’s name to “COLE TRICKLE“. By doing this you also will be wearing a snazzy racing suit during cut scenes!


To turn your jet in to a space ship, change your pilot’s name to “LASERFACE JONES“. Unfortunately, you retain your machine guns and missiles instead of lasers, but it’s still pretty cool!


And last, but certainly not least, to unlock the secret mini game, change your pilot’s name to “VOLLEYBALL“.


Iceman and Maverick’s heads can be independently controlled so two people can play beach volleyball over Goose’s grave. Don’t have a friend to play with? That’s fine, don’t touch one head for long enough and it turns in to an AI opponent–Both heads will even play each other!

I hope you enjoy these Easter Eggs half as much as I have. And as always, if you ever discover an amusing Easter Egg or secret feature in an iPhone game, be sure to send us an email about it!

App Store Link: Top Gun, $1.99