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New Details, Video of Ngmoco’s Upcoming ‘Star Defense’

Stephanie Morgan out at ngmoco made a blog post providing new details about the studio’s upcoming 3D tower defense game Star Defense as well as a new video of the game in action.

If you’ve been following the TCI Briefings, you already know that the S’rath are bent on destroying our mining outposts. You’ll need a tight defense if you are to have any hope of repelling their attacks. That’s why the Task Force is taking a closer look at the tower upgrades and S’Rath enemy classes found within Star Defense.

As you’ll see in the footage, each tower type has its own weapon attribute—like physical attack or electrical charge—that can be upgraded three times to improve damage, reload times, and target area.

Understanding each tower’s strengths is essential to survival because—you guessed it—various S’Rath units are equipped with their own set of resistances. That means your cunning array of fire-spewing turrets might not be as powerful as you expected against certain enemy waves.

We spent considerable time with Star Defense at Ngmoco during GDC 2009 and found it to be very playable, with natural controls and great responsiveness.

Star Defense TCI Briefing 04.23 from ngmoco:) on Vimeo