‘Flower Garden’ – Well, It’s Not Really a Game

flowerWhen Noel Llopis of SnappyTouch first emailed us a preview of his upcoming iPhone application Flower Garden [App Store], my response to him was “it doesn’t quite look like a game."

What that was technically accurate, the app does fall into the same sim/virtual pet type experiences that have boosted “toy" apps such as Koi Pond and Pocket God to the heights of popularity in the App Store. We finally met Noel at GDC 2009 and thought his app was something special and so we decided to highlight it here.

Noel’s Flower Garden app is just that — a virtual flower garden in your iPhone. You can plant different types of seeds, water them and watch them bloom. Some flowers bloom immediately, while others may take some care over time. Once you have a collection of flowers, you can even cut them and send them to your friends in an electronic bouquet.

There’s no real goal to Flower Garden, though there are various seeds you can unlock as you grow more flowers. The video shows the impressive level of detail offered in the app (though the music is not included):

Future updates include the possibility of cross-pollination to create your own flower hybrids.

App Store Link: Flower Garden, $2.99