Interesting Mix of $0.99 Games: Freefall’n, iSprout, Squares, Amoebas

We run through a large number of iPhone games over the course of a week. Here’s a diverse collection of $0.99 games we thought might be of interest. Each individual game may not appeal to everyone, but they are worth taking a look.


While Bunsentech kindly provided TouchArcade with an early exclusive look at this title, we weren’t able to take advantage of it before its release. The game is an accelerometer controlled sky-diving game in which you collect stars during your descent and try to land on the target. This video shows the gameplay:

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App Store Link: Freefall’n, $0.99


Epicore’s iSprout is a very interesting game which is perhaps more successful in theory than in practice. The game involves a bee that is cross pollinating flowers. If the bee moves between two flowers of the same color, the flowers breed, but if the bee moves between two flowers of different color, the flower dies. Your only way to influence the action is touching/shaking specific flowers so the bee will avoid those. There’s a lite version to try.

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App Store Link: iSprout, $0.99


Squares is a puzzle game in which you try to clear the board of arrows. The video walks through the instructions to the game. Tapping on an arrow will flip the square it is pointing to. Your job is to flip all the arrows while avoiding flipping the same square 3 times. The video explains it best:

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App Store Link: Squares, $0.99


Sauce Digital, the developer of Killer Pool [App Store] has gone a different direction with their latest game, Amoebas. The game is a matching game in the vein of Snood with some unique twists.

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App Store Link: Amoebas, $0.99