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New ‘Car Jack Streets’ Video and Screenshots

cjs_twisted-firestarter_480x320Tag Games has released new screenshots and a new gameplay video of their upcoming game Car Jack Streets.

This sandbox-style game is said to be similar to the early Grand Theft Auto titles and has been highly anticipated amongst our readers.

Step into the shoes of Randal Meyers, a small time player in a big city. Your gambling debts to Italian mob boss Frankie have escalated to a whopping one million dollars and now he is calling in your debt. Do you have what it takes to stay alive, pay your debt and rise to the top of the criminal underworld?

You can go anywhere, drive any vehicle, shoot up the place with brutal weapons and take on both legal and illegal jobs to earn that case. Make your $50,000 a week payments on time or you’re a dead man!

Features listed by the developer includes:

  • Play in real time
  • Infinite number of criminal and legitimate jobs
  • Detailed 3D city to explore
  • Over 80 minutes of music from the hottest unsigned acts
  • Online ranking for the biggest earners
  • Lots of vehicles to steal and smash
  • Big, heavy-hitting weapons
  • Unlockable achievements and hidden stuff
  • Clowns…

Screenshot gallery (click on thumbnails for full view):

An exact release date has not been given but the game is expected soon.