‘GI Joyride’ Gameplay Video, On Sale for $0.99

774371_5Trapdoor Inc recently dropped the price of their on-rails stunt racer GI Joyride [App Store] to $0.99.

The game was originally released at $2.99, and is certainly a high quality production, but with its single gameplay scenario, $0.99 certainly becomes a more attractive price.

The game puts you in charge of an APC vehicle and the goal is simply to drive for as long as possible while killing Nazi’s and performing tricks (wheelies, flips) to beat your personal records. Simple acceleration, braking and tilt controls help keep your vehicle in balance. If you slow down too much or flip on your back, the game ends.

While there is only one level of unlimited length, the course features do randomize between plays.

Reader game impressions are provided in the initial discussion thread, with some specific thoughts posted here.

App Store Link: GI Joyride, $0.99 (Sale)