More ‘Sway’ Levels Coming, and a Second Look

Illusion Labs has let us know that their next priority for Sway will be to release more levels, new game elements and possibly even some other new features.

We reviewed Sway and found the entire package to be wonderfully put together with some of the most innovative controls we’d seen. Meanwhile, our forum users seem almost universally ecstatic about the game. Really, the only complaint has been the length of the levels provided, and so these new levels will certainly be a welcome update.

That being said, after having spent even more time with Sway in its current form, this game does offer some of the most fun to be had on the iPhone. While you certainly can “brute force" your way through many of the levels, going back and trying to complete the time challenges really makes you improve your actual “swaying" skills.

Here’s a video of the same level we showed in our review video, but now shooting for a gold medal.

[ Full HD version | Low Bandwidth version ]

The game really feels like a true iPhone platformer and we do highly recommend it.

App Store Link: Sway, $4.99