Illusion Labs’ ‘Sway’ Swings into App Store

Illusion Labs, the developers behind Labyrinth and TouchGrind, have released their latest iPhone game, Sway. We previewed this almost-platformer back in January.

The world of Sway exploded and you must help Lizzy the Lizard find her friends by swinging her through the world. When you find Ninja, Pappman or one of the others you can play them as well! Lizzy the lizard and her friends can grab and swing in beautiful bouncy physics simulation with a little help from your fingers.

It takes a bit of practice to get used to the controls but once you get the hang of it, you never wanna stop swaying.

The game’s controls are uniquely suited to the iPhone with the use of multi-touch “swaying" to control the character. As the developers warn, it does take abit of practice to get the hang of.

Illusionlabs has published this control tutorial video:

… and this gameplay video.

We’ll provide some first impressions after we’ve had some time with the title, but early impressions are very positive.

App Store Link: Sway, $4.99