iDracula Hits #1 in App Store, Updates Coming

MoreGames’ iDracula [App Store] has quickly risen to the #1 spot in the iTunes App Store in only four days since its launch. We’d been excited about the game since it was first revealed in early February and have been keeping close tabs on it ahead of the launch.

The game, of course, is a survival shooter in which you control the main character with two control sticks. One stick controls movement while the other controls direction of shooting. You fight off a never-ending horde of enemies (vampires, werewolves, witches) while upgrading to one of 6 different weapons. It’s fast-paced frantic fun. Meanwhile, the inclusion of a “perk" power-up system adds some depth to the otherwise single-minded gameplay.

For those interested in the future of iDracula, the developer reports that there are two more gameplay modes in the works for a soon-to-be-submitted update:

Don’t have much time, but wanted to say that a new game mode is amazing – I just love it . As I see in the recent messages, someone suggested it – it’s Wave Attack, where monsters attack wave by wave, with a chance to give you a rest between. I’ve also made a different Perk system for this mode.

Ah, and there will be another mode, which is not done yet, but should be fun, too. I won’t reveal details on this one. Let it be surprise.

Congrats to MoreGames and their publisher Chillingo. We attribute their rapid success to simple fun gameplay, eye-catching graphics, and an aggressive introductory price. (And, of course, massive grass roots support here on TouchArcade 😉 ).

App Store Link: iDracula – Undead Awakening, $0.99 (intro price)