‘Big Fun Racing’ is Actually Pretty Fun

Decane has released their second game into the App Store. Their first game was Bubble Bang [App Store, $0.99] a nice bubble color-matching game [Lite version]. For their second game, however, they’ve gone in a different direction: Big Fun Racing [App Store].

The game is described as a “stunt racer" and puts you in control of one of six cars to race around tracks in order to collect all the coins within the allotted time:

Big Fun Racing (BFR) is a stunt racing game where you race against time to collect coins in various stunt levels. Built upon the NVidia PhysX physics engine this racing game brings great driving physics to the iPhone / iPod Touch. Big Fun Racing has 50 built-in tracks for you to drive in 4 difficulty modes, from easy to ultra hard and additionally there is an “Internet Tracks" game mode where you can download new tracks directly to your device and play those tracks, even when you are offline!

The game is on sale for only $0.99 for the first 24 hours and then goes up to $1.99.

I’ll say up front that when you first play the game, it feels and looks a little rough. The first level is rather boring, and it takes a little time to pick up the controls. Putting the car in reverse also strangely skews the camera view quite a bit making it difficult to use. But once you get a few levels in, and start getting bounced around, the fun kicks in.

The game offers 50 levels with multiple difficulty settings (which reduce the amount of time that you have to collect all your coins). Also offered are downloadable internet levels, of which there is one at the moment. The developer’s gameplay video gives an accurate representation of the game.

If you have any interest in either the game concept or the video, it’s easily worth $0.99 (or even $1.99) and we recommend it.

Later levels are shown in this video also from the developer.

App Store Link: Big Fun Racing, $0.99 for 24 hours then $1.99