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Impressive Pre-Release Video of ‘Circuit Strike.One’

Earlier this month we published screenshots of an upcoming space shooter called Circuit Strike.One for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The developers h.grenade have been kind enough to provide this early pre-release video of the upcoming game, and it looks pretty amazing.

The premise of the game is described:

In CS.One Players control a highly maneuverable and lightning fast virtual ship in zero-gravity simulation inside an advanced computer Network. To hack each Node in the Network you must destroy the Shield Generators that power the Data Core defense system, then destroy the highly magnetic Gravity Orb before it goes into Self Destruct. The System Admin will send out everything to stop your progress including Turrets, Drones, Ships, Replicants, Trace Routes, Intelligent AI and the dreaded Black Ice Virus. The system will also try to use your own audio and video inputs against you, feeding back A/V noise to disorient you along the way.

Click on the embedded video to play. A low-quality YouTube version is also available. The current version of the video does not include final audio, which will include Rez-style synchronized AV effects.

Click to play video

The game incorporates a number of notable features. Highlights include:

  • Real-time Music Visualizer Effects Synced to Gameplay (hits change tempo, add fills, trigger visuals, etc. in time with the music)
  • Pulse Pounding Techno Soundtrack by DJ Vitamin Devo
  • High Speed Inertia Based Physics + Gameplay
  • Bullet-time Slow-Motion Game Mechanic

The game is going into final beta testing so hopefully we’ll see this title soon.