Alphabetic Lite – Free Version of An Original Letter Game

Click play to watch video

NoMonkeys has released a Lite version of their original iPhone game called Alphabetic Lite [App Store].

The game is a beautifully animated game in which you must find all 26 letters of the alphabet before time runs out.

The object of the game is to find all the 26 letters of the alphabet before the timer runs out. The game has dozens of nifty animations it uses to display the letters so they get harder and harder to spot.

A previous discussion thread revealed many fans of the game. The developer has since provided this lite version as well as a video (see right) of gameplay. This game’s definitely worth a try.

The full version is available for $1.99 [App Store] and offers a number of different “challenge" modes.

App Store Links: Alphabetic Lite, Free, Alphabetic, $1.99